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APAC Webinars

APAC offers free educational training via webinar on adoption related topics. Live webinars are presented once a month and recorded webinars are available on demand through our APAC Online Training site. Webinars can be accessed by anyone throughout the state with access to the internet. 

Register for any of our upcoming webinars! If none are listed, check back soon or like our Facebook page for updates. 

The journey for foster and adopted children, their caregivers, and the supportive professionals can seem like a runaway train at times. This journey is often filled with heart-warming connection and heart-wrenching pain (often at the same time) and this ambiguity and volatily can often create crisis for all parties involved. How each party understands and relates to moments of crisis is the number 1 factor in how well we get through it gracefully with the least amount of "collateral damage." This 2-part webinar series will take a closer look at crisis so we can perhaps not only better navigate it but also prevent unnecessary crisis. NOTE: Althougth the January and February webinar will flow together in a logical sequence in two parts, they are stand-alone trainings and part one is not required to view part two.


1. Participants will learn to identify risk factors, signs and symptoms of crisis and levels of crisis development
2. Participants will learn communication, decision-making and intervention strategies to safely de-escalate children and adolescents experiencing behavioral crises.
3. Participants will learn protective factors as well as postvention strategies to prevent future crisis

Tiffany Storey, LPC
is a licensed professional counselor with 17+ years’ experience working with families and adolescents in community service and outreach programs. She graduated from Berea College in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. In 2013, Tiffany received her Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling from Walden University. Tiffany is passionate about providing adolescents and their families the best support to manage challenging life issues. She has done this through intensive residential psychiatric care, outpatient therapy as well as consultation, psychoeducation and group therapy with local public school systems. Tiffany offers expertise and experience in crisis intervention, trauma-informed care and CBT as well as program development. She currently serves as the Project Independence Program Director at Children's Aid Society of Alabama. Tiffany truly believes, “It takes a village and positive relationships” to raise healthy and resilient children.

As with all of our APAC services and events, admission to this training is FREE for all attendees and this includes a General Certificate of Attendance for foster parents and other attendees seeking attendance verification. Professional Social Work and Counseling CE verification can be purchased for $10 for the live participation.

NOTE: The CE fee is waived all Alabama DHR staff.

Social Work self-study CEs for this course will soon be available in the APAC Online Training site for $15.

CAS is an approved Continuing Education Provider for ABSWE (#0039).
Children's Aid Society is an NBCC-Approved Continuing Education Provider (ACEP) and may offer NBCC-approved clock hours for events that meet NBCC requirements. Children's Aid Society is responsible solely for all aspects of the program.
(NBCC Provider #6459)

If you have questions, please contact our training staff at, or call 866-803-2722.

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Save the date for these upcoming webinars. Registration will open soon!

Recorded Webinars

APAC recorded webinars are available for FREE in our “APAC Online Training” center on our website. You can easily access pre-recorded webinars, and obtain continuing education hours instantly through this on-demand video website. Instant general participation certificates are also available and can be used in exchange for annual Foster Parent hours. Parents or professional who miss our monthly live webinars can now conveniently access the webinars anytime day or night!

We also offer certified self-study courses for social workers seeking to purchase non-live continuing education!

Get started! The webinars can easily be accessed (and still FREE for parents and professionals) by registering at:

For questions feel free to reach out to our training team, or call 866-803-2722.

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