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Children’s Aid Society of Alabama (CAS), formed in 1912 and incorporated February 21, 1913, is a nonprofit agency serving children, youth and their families.  CAS was formed prior to the creation of the Alabama Department of Human Resources (DHR) by a group of Alabama citizens who were concerned for the well-being of children.

Since 1912, social workers and counselors from CAS have provided services to support families in an ever changing society. In our early years, we operated the local juvenile detention center and two orphanages. By the mid 1900's, foster care, adoption services, and emergency assistance programs were introduced.

Licensed since 1943 as a DHR Child Placing Agency, CAS is a founding member of United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA) and the Child Welfare League of America.

During the 1970's, programs were developed for teen parents, homemakers, adoptive families, and families needing respite care for children with special needs. In the 1980's, CAS opened A Baby's Place for children with HIV.

During the 1990's, CAS introduced Project Dads to help teen fathers learn effective parenting skills.

The 21st century began with the addition of in-home Family Intervention Services, Post-Adoption Services under contract with the Alabama Department of Human Resources, Disaster Relief services through an initiative with United Way, and our federally-funded Project Independence to provide housing and life support for homeless parenting teens and their children. Family Options services funded by The Department of Human Resources allowed us to work closely with families who were struggling to care for their children. Through the Alliance partnership, Continuum of Care services were introduced to expand treatment options to children and their families.

CAS was the 16th agency in the US accredited by the nationally recognized Council on Accreditation (COA) and has held its accreditation status since 1978 by undergoing intensive reviews every four years. Accreditation demonstrates that CAS effectively manages its resources and provides the best possible services.

CAS is a member of the National Network for Runaway and Homeless Youth and the National Safe Place Network, where the CAS CEO serves on the Board of Directors.  CAS is a member of the Alabama Association of Child Care Agencies, where the CAS CEO currently serves as President and works with its executive committee to build and maintain positive and productive working relationships with DHR leaders and staff.  CAS staff are active state wide in Children’s Policy Councils, and CAS hosts the Jefferson County Policy Council at its Center for Youth and Families

The foundation of CAS’ services lies with Trauma-Informed Care. In 2015, CAS began the process of becoming a Trauma-Informed Care Organization by engaging a national consultant to lead staff and the Board through a self-evaluation process. CAS has committed to assist families with problem-solving and processing trauma, providing support and creating healthy relationships.

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