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About Us

Mission, Vision, & Values and Denouncing Hate Crimes

Our Mission

Changing lives, building families, strengthening communities.

Our Vision

To serve as the leading resource in forging lifelong connections and linking community supports that preserve and sustain families.

Our Values

·       Enabling children of all ages to grow in families.

·       Building strong families to make strong communities.

·       Embodying Trauma Informed Practice as the strength based foundation of all services.

·       Positively impacting the lives of children, youth and their families, and our communities.

·       Embracing & incorporating diversity.

·       Partnering with individuals and families when assessing, planning, and delivering services.

·       Seeking input from all stakeholders to improve services and response to changing needs.

·       Providing ethical, responsible, and professional services.

·       Being accountable to all stakeholders.

·       Demonstrating service effectiveness through outcomes.

·       Faithfully stewarding resources.

Denouncing Hate Crimes

Children’s Aid Society of Alabama, started in 1912, is a founding partner of United Way of Central Alabama (UWCA). We stand firm with UWCA and United Way in every community to denounce racism, bigotry and prejudice in all forms. We all mourn the loss of life and strongly reject any divisive group that incites violence.

We share the belief with United Way: communities are stronger not when they embrace hatred and distrust, but when they welcome diversity and address difficult problems based on the principles of equal rights and equal opportunity.

Furthermore, our society will make the most progress when every one of us can contribute and share ideas, and have their basic rights and dignity respected. Now, more than ever, we must embrace ideas that unify us and make us stronger. To live better, we must Live United.

2022 Highlights of Individuals & Families Served

  • United Way Central Alabama
    United Way Central Alabama
  • Alabama CTF
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