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Each summer, we host two camps for up to 200 IL youth 14-20 years of age. Activities of the camp will build self-confidence, team work, positive peer and adult connections and independent living skills among youth. Youth will participate in activities including team-building, recreational, and skill-building activities.

Camp LIFE 2021

The events of 2020 meant that we had to make changes to meet the needs of our youth as quickly and effectively as possible.  Team IL knows that our youth are already dealing with challenging circumstances and they are truly SURVIVORS.  To that end, we curated special CAMP CARGO BOXES and hosted virtual sessions for our Survivors-  covering basic cooking skills, a fun and useful art project, informative sessions on continuing education, budgeting, careers in the music industry, and motivational speakers.  We also hosted a fun dance party and a private chat about relationships that we did not record, so that our campers could be completely at ease with us.  You can find the sessions that we did record here:  Camp Life 2020 Virtual Experience!

This year, we plan to host our camps in person once again, we couldn't be more excited about CAMP LIFE 2021!   The only thing missing is YOU!  We are looking for amazing people to staff our camps this year.  If you, or anyone you know is looking for a meaningful experience this summer please APPLY TODAY!  We will accept applications through Monday, April 5th ***Please Note, you have the opportunity to work at Camp APAC (serving adopted youth and their siblings) and both Camp Life I (serving youth 17-20) and Camp Life II (serving youth 14-16).  Please select any of the camps you are interested in at the top of the online application form located below.

Must complete the following to apply!

1. Complete Online Staff Application 2021

2. Download and Return the DHR Vendor Certification Form

3. Download and Return the DHR CAN Form

4. Download and Return the Employment Screening Services Consent Form

5. Download and Return the W9

Please return all downloaded and completed forms to:

Valerie Anderson

Camp Counselors

Our camp wouldn't be possible without our amazing staff! The qualities we look for include boundless enthusiasm, putting others before self, sensitivity to camper needs, willingness to work, dedication and loyalty. Prior experience in a camp setting is not a requirement for working as part of our team, however, it is a bonus! Working with children in professional settings, teaching experience, and certifications are also assets to your application. Thorough background checks are completed on all applicants in compliance with State requirements.

Follow for updates.

If you have any questions about Camp Life, please contact Bridget McDaniel,

We all need a little help to survive and thrive, so we sent these CAMP Cargo kits and had an amazing virtual camp experience!

2020 Highlights of Individuals & Families Served

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