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Camp Counselor FAQs

1. Who are the Camp Life campers and where do they come from? Camp Life campers are 14-20 year old youth in foster care. The campers come from all over Alabama. The camp is provided at no cost to the foster family or current placement.

2. What training is provided to the camp staff? There is an orientation provided to all staff. Orientation includes campus overview, review of responsibilities, special needs discussion, tips and tricks, etc.

3. What are the responsibilities of a staffer? As expected, staff are responsible for closely supervising the campers at all times to ensure their safety. However, we also want staff to see Camp Life as an opportunity to invest in the lives of very special youth who do not always have adults pulling for them! Getting to know campers, learning about what makes them "tick," and encouraging them should be a priority!

4. What is a typical day like? Each day includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In-between meals – campers will participate in a variety of activities.

5. What should staff bring with them? Each staffer should bring the basics: toiletry items, jeans, shorts, swimsuit, pajamas, poncho, flip flops, sturdy shoes for various camp activities, etc. The campus will provide all linens for staffers, however you may choose to bring your own. Camp Life t-shirts will be provided to staffers to wear daily.

6. When must staffers arrive for camp? Staffers will be scheduled to arrive at 8:00 am on the first day of camp.

7. Are Camp Life staffers paid? In addition to room, board, training, an unforgettable weekend, and the chance to make a difference in the life of a teen, Camp Life provides a stipend for qualifying staff.  No travel reimbursement is paid.

8. What qualities and experience does Camp Life look for in staffers? The qualities we look for include, boundless enthusiasm, putting others before self, sensitivity to camper needs, willingness to work, dedication and loyalty. Prior experience in a camp setting is not a requirement for working as part of our team, however it is a bonus! Working with children in professional settings, teaching skills, and certifications are also assets to your application.

9. Are there any other requirements to be a staffer? You must be 19 years old or older to work our July session. You must be 26 years or older to work our June session. Also, thorough background checks are completed on all applicants in compliance with State requirements. Staffers will be required to have either worked at a previous Children's Aid camp or complete training prior to arrival to camp.

13. How do I apply to staff Camp Life? Staffer applications are available online only. Follow for upcoming dates.

14. What if I still have questions? Please contact Bridget Mcdaniel for questions about these specific camps.

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