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Child Trafficking Solutions Project

The Child Trafficking Solutions Project is a broad-based coalition implementing collaborative community-based solutions to prevent, recognize, and respond to child trafficking, including on-line predators, sex, and labor trafficking of minors. Improving outcomes for survivors of child trafficking and prosecuting perpetrators is achieved through uniform response protocols, training, and strategic partnerships with law enforcement, first-responders, health and mental health professionals, juvenile justice, child-welfare agencies, human trafficking organizations, and schools, while mobilizing communities to prevent abuse, raise awareness and increase safety.

Focus Areas:

  • Comprehensive Training and Customized Resources for Varied Audiences: Offering CE credentialed training and resources tailored for Law Enforcement, Child Welfare, Social Services, Health/Mental Health, Educators, Hospitality, Parents/Students, and Concerned Citizens across all communities in Alabama.
  • Establishment of Uniform Response Protocols and MDTs: Focused on recognizing and responding to human and all forms of child trafficking, involving collaboration across disciplines including law enforcement, child protective services, juvenile justice, health and mental health providers, child advocacy centers, and schools.
  • Enhanced Access to Trauma-Informed Support Services: Providing evidence-based assessment tools, secure housing options, health and mental health care, educational resources, guidance through the justice system, and coordinated care within local communities.
  • Advocacy for Stronger Public Policy and Legislation: Working towards the improvement of prevention, prosecution, and the provision of trauma-informed services for survivors and at-risk children/youth through championing robust public policy initiatives, regulations, and legislation.
  • Community Mobilization for Trafficking-Free Zones: Raising awareness and mobilizing communities to become Trafficking Free Zones through a multi-faceted approach involving extensive training, ordinances, strategic planning, and awareness campaigns.

Get Connected:

Follow CTSP on Facebook for updates on child trafficking in Alabama, and helpful tips and resources for parents and other concerned citizens to increase awareness and improve child safety. CTSP is happy to schedule training for your workplace or group as well. Contact the CTSP team to discuss training opportunities by email.




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