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Anchoring In: Finding Stability in the Face of Trauma and Uncertainty

Wednesday, June 14, 2023
11:30 am1:00 pm

These times can feel unsettling and uncertain. Because they are.

We have never, in our lifetimes, been faced with such adversity, loss, and change. We have found ourselves feeling hopeless and helpless as the world around us changes beyond our control. And yet, even in the darkest hour, we can learn to anchor into what we do know; what we do believe, and what we do find to be true. Join Jules as she walks us through a dialogue of inquiry and curiosity; a conversation about what it means to find your anchor, to hold fast to your anchor, and to use this anchor as a means for "settling down and settling in" to this one precious and sacred life that we have been offered. If you care for others who have been wounded or if you have been wounded, this is a time for you to engage in some reflection and planning to Anchor In as we move forward.


Participants will explore what finding your anchor in the face of trauma means and how to access your anchor when stressed. Three practical trauma-informed and mindfully-based practices for anchoring in during hard times will also be discussed.

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