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Waiting & Inquiring

Waiting & Inquiring

After families go through the approval process to become a potential adoptive family, the real fun begins—inquiring and matching. We asked the APAC Family Advocates to share what they felt was most important for families to know: 

“Waiting and inquiring looks different for every family. Don’t compare yourselves to other families. Everyone’s journey is different.” 


“Transitions, or having a child move into your home, will look different for every family and every child. Remember that you as the adoptive family have a voice. If you need more time, or more visits, ask.” 

“Talk to your Family Advocate, read background summaries with your Family Advocate. Attend Adoptive Family Groups (AFGs) while you wait. Not only will you meet experienced adoptive families who have been where you are, you’ll meet other waiting families who you can share your journey with.” 

“Education doesn’t stop after TIPS. Use the library; continue with training. Everything helps.” 

“There are no hidden children.” 

“There are different ways you could receive a background summary (NIBS). While it’s possible that a consultant might see your study and send you a NIBS, inquiring on children is the most effective way to be matched. Remember that no one is looking for a child for your family; rather we are all looking for families for a child.” 

“Being restricted to the children of Alabama for the first 6 months of your approval is a DHR policy. DHR is the owner of the home study. They have invested resources in your family that belong to Alabama’s children.” 

“Younger children almost always equals a longer wait. While there are exceptions, most families who desire only younger children must wait longer to be matched.” 

“If you say no to a background summary, that’s OKAY! Know your family; know what needs you can and cannot parent. If you feel that you’re not the best match, let DHR and APAC know. You are not ‘blacklisted’ if you say no. Also, the child doesn’t know that you’ve inquired or that you’ve declined.” 

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