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What We Do

Since 1912, Children's Aid Society has provided services to families in need or at risk. It has helped parents with the skills and resources they need to keep families together. When children could not remain with their own families, other homes have been provided through foster care or adoption. Children who grow up in a safe home with a permanent family on whom they can depend for love, nurturing and guidance have the greatest chance of becoming capable, self-sufficient and productive adults. That reality has always been the guiding force at Children's Aid Society (CAS).

Services are provided within the family whenever possible or in the least restrictive setting in which the child's special needs can be met. All services are provided on a voluntary and confidential basis. Children and families actively participate in their own case planning and interventions. Our programs are varied, but all have a common goal - to assist children and their families in meeting their immediate needs for care and safety, as well as to enhance their opportunities for optimum growth and development.

Service Areas

All of the services provided by CAS seek to fulfill three objectives:

Our Programs

  • Preparing and reinforcing the path to forever families. Services include pre-adoptive training, home-studies, post-adoption counseling, ongoing education and support groups.

  • CAS has a long history of adoption, starting in 1912. Many children were adopted through CAS from 1912-1980. Services are available to adult adoptees and birth parents that we served in our history. Services include counseling, support groups, search & reunion, and home studies.

  • Child Trafficking Solutions Project, (CTSP) provides human trafficking awareness training to organizations of all sizes across the entire state of Alabama. Their work helps to promote awareness and increase access to resources to help bring an end to child trafficking.

  • Six-week classes offered in English and Spanish that teach skills to build stronger parents.

  • Intensive in-home counseling to establish safe homes where families stay together.

  • A program designed to guide youth in foster care to independent adulthood. Services include camps, leadership training, and a community of support for youth in care.

  • An 18-month program that empowers young mothers to establish strong and stable homes for themselves and their children. Services include housing, job-training, education, parenting classes, and financial literacy.

COA Accreditation

CAS is proud to have been accredited by the Council of Accreditation since 1978. Services are provided to all individuals qualified for service regardless of race, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability. Children's Aid Society has embraced the National Association of Social Workers' Code of Ethics as the pillar of the Agency's ethical practice. All Children's Aid Society employees adhere to the professional values and practices delineated in the Code. Of particular significance are the emphases on empowerment, integrity, and self-determination, especially in regard to employees respecting the values and rights of consumers.

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