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APAC Facebook Group

Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connections

Join our Facebook group, "The Adoption Adventure!" It is available for all adoptive parents living in Alabama. This closed (and private) group, sponsored by APAC and Children’s Aid Society is a great place for parents to connect and share resources and information with one another. 

How To Join:

Group membership is pre-approved by the group administrator, who verifies status as an Alabama adoptive parent. First, login to your personal Facebook account, search for “The Adoption Adventure” and request to join the group. You will be asked 2 questions to verify you are an adoptive parent living in Alabama. If more information is needed, you will receive a direct message from the group administrator (and adoptive parent), Tonya Sauder, asking you to complete an additional verification process.

Once your membership has been approved, you will be able to access the group and begin sharing your comments and connecting with group members.

If you have asked to join the Facebook group, and have been asked to provide additional information, click below to begin the verification process:

A Few Things to Remember:

We ask parents to respect each other and their workers, not to use their child(ren)'s identifying information and not to use profanity. Everything posted on the page is confidential and should stay within the group.

The purpose of this group is to support adoptive parents living in Alabama, so feel free to share what is on your heart, keeping in mind the guidelines above (parenting, attachment issues, school concerns, etc.). If you are a group member, all that non-group members can see is that you are part of the group, they cannot see the discussion.

Depending on your settings, members of the group could see information on your profile. Check your privacy settings.

If your Facebook privacy settings prevent others from sending messages we cannot send you the verification link, you will need to contact Tonya directly. If you have any additional questions, please contact Tonya Sauder.

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