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APAC Pre-Adoption Services

Adopting Waiting Children from Foster Care

Are you considering adoption? APAC recruits, prepares, and supports adoptive families for children in foster care: children ages 5 and older; sibling groups being adopted together; or children with certain physical, cognitive, or behavioral challenges. Currently, hundreds of children in Alabama foster care are awaiting their forever family. Our free services include TIPS training and home study preparation. Also, our Family Advocates will provide intensive education and support for families planning for placement and adjusting as a new family. APAC is ready to partner with your family throughout the adoption journey!

Adoption Orientations

Our APAC Adoption video is the first step of the journey, and a great way to find out more. Hosted by our trained adoption experts, our orientation introduces families to what to expect when adopting from Foster Care in Alabama.

View our On-Demand Video


There are no requirements or obligations in viewing this introductory video. APAC's adoption support team will be available to help you prepare for the application, training, and preparation process which are free support services to prospective parents living in Alabama interested in partnering with APAC and adopting Alabama's Waiting Children.

On-Demand Video Orientation

Interested in learning more about adoption right now? We're ready to help! Click here to access our free, on-demand, Adoption Orientation. This short video is packed with information parents need to know about starting the adoption journey in Alabama.

Phone Orientations

If you are unable to view our on-demand video, our team are ready to offer a phone orientation for your convenience. Email us at or call 866-803-2722, to schedule a phone orientation with one of our adoption support team members.

Questions about adoption?

We are here to help! For more information about adoption in Alabama, contact 866-803-2722 or email

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